Whichever accommodation you choose all our guests are assured of a comfy bed and cuddling on demand.

Our heated block built cattery offers a unique alternative to wooden chalet style accommodation. 


We have well proportioned heated cat suites and your cat can choose from indoor rooms, suites with outdoor runs or a veranda with window view. 

Mayfield Pet Hotel Cattery 9.jpg

Please ensure you bring your cat in a secure carrying box or basket, which we will keep safely until departure if you wish.

Cats on medication are accepted at no extra charge. We are experienced in the care of cats on various medication including diabetic cats. We only request that you inform your veterinary surgeon your cat will be boarding and you bring along the appropriate medication.

Cattery 6

We will provide: 

Cosy bed to suit your cat

Scratching Post and Litter Tray 


Chairs to sit on to watch the world go by

A variety of both wet and dry foods

(you can bring your cat's own favourite)

Cuddles and Affection

A variety of toys to keep your cat occupied


Choice of Accommodation

If you wish you may bring your cats own bed and toys