All our kennels are arranged in small complexes, this enables us to settle your dog into accommodation that suits his or her personality, be that boisterous and outgoing or shy and retiring

Each kennel block has a heated indoor sleeping area. 


Also access to an individual outside covered exercise run with a view over either the central courtyard or garden area. 


Your dog can keep an eye on goings on in the great outdoors.

We can accommodate single dogs or families of dogs, from the smallest to largest of breeds.

Dogs on medication are accepted for boarding at no extra charge all we ask is that you advise your own vet that your dog will be boarding and bring along the appropriate medication.

We Provide: 

Plastic Bed and Veterinary Bedding

Choice of food or you may bring your dogs own food

Feeding time to suit your dog

Regular Exercise on a lead in our fields

Playtime in our securely fenced grassed exercise areas

 Lots of individual attention

Choice of toys for entertainment

If you wish you may bring your dogs own blanket and toy